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You guys are just incredible. I have advertised your services to everyone I meet. Every one of our sitters has been top notch and it has made Jackson’s transition to a completely new environment so much better!– Kym, Richmond VA


About Susanne

River City Sitters was started in Richmond Virginia in June 2002 by Susanne Vesilind. The idea started with some high school teachers discussing their difficulty finding summer jobs as babysitters. I knew there were families that would rather have someone a little older and with more experience.

So that summer, I started River City Sitters. Most of the babysitting was done by me and my teacher friends. By the end of the summer, we had some very supportive families spread the word about River City Sitters to their friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers.

By the third year the business was growing so fast, I hired Angie Young to help with billing and Michelle Bynum to help with scheduling sitters. Michelle had worked with me for two years as a babysitter, and she had proven to be one of my best sitters. Michelle’s professionalism as a teacher and sitter provided her with the experience with parents and families that would be necessary to make this business a success. Michelle has proven to be a valuable asset to River City Sitters. Now that she is a mother of two, she is able to provide even more insight into the business.

I recently left Richmond, and moved to Cary, NC, but Michelle still lives in Richmond and manages the service. I think one of the reasons that River City Sitters is so successful is because Michelle and  I were professional babysitters for most of our lives. We have an impressive list of babysitting experiences, lots of funny stories, and families that were like a second family to us. These parents trusted us with their children, their cars, and their homes. But most importantly, they allowed us to influence the person that their child would become. These experiences help make sure that River City Sitters finds babysitters that are reliable, responsible, and love spending time with children. 

About Michelle

I was one of the original sitters hired by Susanne when she first started the service in 2002.  I was a recent college graduate from ECU and in my first year of teaching in Henrico County.  I had babysat for multiple families while in high school and had been a nanny for families in college.  I absolutely loved taking care of children and enjoyed the relationships I formed with the families.  River City Sitters afforded me the opportunity to continue babysitting for families in my spare time outside of teaching.
In 2003, Susanne asked me to start helping her with the service in other capacities, which eventually led to me managing the service.  Together, Susanne and I grew the service to what it is today.
Over the years, I went on to get my Masters in School Counseling from VCU.  I am currently a School Counseling Coordinator in Chesterfield County.  I also married my college sweetheart and best friend.  We have two beautiful children and two dogs that keep us very busy.  You will find us all over Richmond on baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, and at the pool.
My experience as a teacher, a school counselor, and most importantly now a mother have provided me with insights on what truly is important when caring for someone else’s children.  At River City Sitters, we take great pride in providing reliable, responsible, mature, and fun sitters to our families because that is who we want taking care of our own children.  As a working mom myself, I also understand and appreciate how convenient and stress free it is to be able to use River City Sitters to be placed with excellent sitters.  At River City Sitters, we are honored to be able to provide that service to families.

About Angie

I began working for River City Sitters in the spring of 2006.  At that time, I was teaching at Varina High School in Henrico County and carpooling with River City Sitters Owner, Susanne.  We had plenty of time on our commute to discuss all things finance and babysitting, so when she asked for my come on board with RCS, I obliged.  Fast forward to now, and although I moved to New Jersey in the summer of 2008, I’m still overseeing the billing responsibilities for River City Sitters.  I still teach, and am now married with two beautiful and lively daughters.  How I wish there was a RCS in New Jersey!


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